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Cleansers I & IC

Cleansers I and IC

Both of our shampoos are scientifically blended with our Curetage® Compound, which is made from 8 vitamins and 15 selected medicinal plants. This formulates the most effective, soothing, and tingling shampoo ever made.

It gently cleanses the hair, and with Jojoba oil added will liquefy the sebum buildup and cleanse the dormant clogged follicles to give the retarded new hair a chance to grow.

Niacin and selected medicinal plants, acting as natural vasodilators, increase circulation and prepare the scalp to better accept our treatments.

Cleanser IC is formulated with super-effective humectants, which bind moisture into the hair and scalp. Hair feels soft and detangled - not coarse and matted.

Advanced Benefits

  • Cleanses crystallized oils from the hair follicle.
  • Increases circulation to provide necessary vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair growth.
  • Neutralizes toxins known to cause thinning hair.
  • Extends the life of perms and color while diminishing dryness and frizz.

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Purifier II

This molasses purifier detoxifies and restores your hair to its natural shine and state of beauty. Purifier II is an All Natural Brew" of molasses, malt from barley, freeze-dried kelp, and yeast.

These live enzymes act as free radical scavengers to neutralize and dissolve impurities such as chlorine, environmental pollution, mineral deposits, and the build-up of impure synthetic products on your hair and the surface of your scalp.

Use before and after swimming to remove chlorine and prevent "Swimmers Green."

A must to detoxify and purify hair prior to coloring or perming.

Application: Use two or three times a week. Spray liberally on hair and scalp after shampooing. Rub through your hair for about 30 seconds, then rinse out.

Advanced Benefits

  • Removes free radicals known to cause thinning hair.
  • Smooths and shines hair strand for a brilliant luster.
  • Won't relax curl or fade color.
  • Prepares the hair to better accept color or perms.

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Conditioner III

Conditioner III is scientifically blended with 15 botanical herbs and 8 vitamins for use when extra moisture is needed.

Panthenol and wheat amino acids penetrate each individual hair carrying humectants to retain moisture.

Does not coat or weigh hair down. Use less for fine hair and more for tangled thick hair. Rinse with warm water.

The pH level of 4.5 closes the cuticle for smooth, manageable, shiny, voluminous hair.

Apply to the entire body after shower or to hands or feet in preparation for manicure or pedicure. Conditioner III's moisturizers and natural antiseptic are also especially useful in cases of sunburn and in any other case in which the skin has dried and cracked.

Use as a shaving lotion for a super glide "nick-free" shave.

For that Perk-Me-Up feeling, use for a foot or body massage.

When using as a moisturizer or anti-stress body massage, do not rinse off. Conditioner III leaves skin free of damaging, aging, free radical oxidants and silky smooth - but never greasy!
pH level is 4.5

Advanced Benefits

  • Perfect hydration without heaviness.
  • Rinses cleanly away leaving no residue.
  • Leaves a healthy silkiness, shine, and manageability.
  • Conditioner III is healthy for the hair, scalp, and skin.

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Revitalizer IV & IVC

Revitalizer IV and IVC

Both Revitalizers are scientifically blended with our Curetage® Compound which is made from 8 vitamins and 15 selected medicinal plants.

We use wheat amino acids, panthenol, and humectants that will penetrate each hair shaft to retain moisture and smooth the cuticles. This in turn adds volume to the hair and makes it shiny. It gives your hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller without coating the hair.

Revitalizer treats your hair at the same time it is treating your scalp. 8 proven vitamin and botanical vasodilators stimulate circulation in the scalp, thereby increasing blood supply and the nutrient level in the hair root.

Application: After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry the hair. Saturate the hair and scalp with Revitalizer. You may blow dry or dry naturally. Leave in until next shampoo. For cases of extreme thinning, use 2X daily. You may apply whether hair is wet or dry. Next apply Root Stimulator V.
pH level is 5.5

Advanced Benefits

  • Neutralizes toxins known to cause thinning hair.
  • Eight natural vasodilators increase circulation to bring required nutrients to the hair root to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Treats each individual hair shaft, making your hair thicker, fuller, and healthier.
  • Improved circulation increases the chance of new hair growth now that the follicle is cleansed.

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Root Stimulator

Not enough can be said about the Root Stimulator V. Some have compared it to applying fertilizer to the scalp.

Root Stimulator is a secret blend of standardized extracts of medicinal plants which cleanse, stimulate, rejuvenate, and open the clogged follicles, while at the same time stimulating the capillaries in the scalp to increase much needed blood and nutrients to the papilla.

Ingredients: Standardized extracts of cayenne and chili peppers, ginger root, rosemary, mint, sage, and saw palmetto berry. MSM (organic sulfur) is added for better penetration.

Application: After applying Revitalizer to the scalp and hair, apply Root Stimulator V directly to the scalp where hair is thinning or balding. Use 2X day for best results. Leave in until next shampoo.

"A non-drug approach to controlling baldness is to stimulate hair follicles and the blood vessels in the scalp by external means. American Indians have used chili peppers to stimulate hair growth for centuries," says Douglas Altchek, M.D., Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.*

NOTICE: Some of our natural ingredients often cause the scalp to feel warm and sometimes turn red, but this is very brief and causes no residual negative effects. This is merely a sign it's working.


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