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I feel privileged to own a company in which I could be of service to so many people over the past decade.

In the United States alone, over seventy million men and women are experiencing premature thinning or hair loss. I'll talk more about the different types of hair loss later. First I'd like to tell you how and why we developed these all-natural "recipe" treatments to turn around the problem so many people are having with the loss of hair.

In the early 1960's, a friend of mine was visiting the jungles of SE Asia where he learned of a "medicine woman" (holistic practitioner) who had a "recipe for growing hair." At the time he didn't need the recipe, but fifteen years later he did need it! He was going bald. His pharmacist mixed him a solution with minoxidil, and he used it for four months. He didn't grow any hair, but he did develop a kidney infection as a side effect.

During his six months of medical treatment for the kidney infection, he began to think about this medicine woman in SE Asia. We made a trip there to learn all we could about her recipe and the medicinal plants in the region.

We returned to the states with the recipe and began a year long clinical study.

The study was so successful that we set up manufacturing and began selling the Root Stimulator in 1991.

As the medical and natural product communities began learning more about the damages of oxidation and free radicals, we concentrated on the damage done to the hair, scalp, and skin. We then developed antioxidant/botanical shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to combat the damage and hair loss caused by free radicals. Through our research we identified fifteen medicinal plants and eight vitamins that when applied topically achieved our desired results. Eight of these vitamins and medicinal plants are known to act as vasodilators and stimulate the capillaries in the scalp to increase the blood supply and nutrient level in the hair root with absolutely no harmful side effects.

Our products do not contain any artificial colors or chemical preservatives. They are sulfate and DEA free. Our mission is to offer you products made from the finest, purest "stuff" on this earth.

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Many people ask me if our products are safe. Well my wife, daughter, and seven-year-old granddaughter have used nothing but these shampoos and conditioners for the past eight years even though they have thick, shiny, healthy hair. Now they don't have to switch brands every two to three months because of waxy build-up. Our products treat the existing hair shaft from the inside. You'll never have to change shampoos and conditioners again because of chemical build-up.  

In our quest for purity and perfection, we went back to the drawing board last year and added two important ingredients to our Root Stimulator V. We added standardized extract of Saw Palmetto Berry to neutralize the DHT in the hair root and MSM (organic sulfur) for better penetration.  

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I urge you to try our All-Natural System. I guarantee you'll like it. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, simply return the unused portion within 30 days of receipt, and we will send you a full refund less shipping and handling charges.

You are about to experience a good hair day!


P. Wayne Morris, President...........

It's "The Cure" Not Just the Prevention

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