Curetage: The System for Prevention of Hair Loss
Purifier II


Q. How soon can I expect to see results?

A. It is normal to lose 60 - 100 hairs per day. They should grow back. People who are experiencing hair loss or thinning could be losing upwards of 150-200 hairs per day. The first thing you'll notice is that after 2 - 3 weeks of using the system, the hair loss will slow down or normalize. Many people report that after only 2 - 3 shampoos and treatments their hair appears thicker and fuller and makes the scalp appear to be better covered. In our clinical study, 94% of our participants had some new hair growth within 12 - 16 weeks. We recommend taking a picture of your head from the front and back when you begin using the system. The improvements are so gradual that some people do not notice the change at first because they see it every day.

Q. Will these products fade my color or relax my perm?

A. No. We go to extreme lengths to use the effective medicinal plants and vitamins to enhance the brilliance of your color and extend the life of your perm. Our Purifier II can be used prior to chemical treatments to help the perm and color last longer by detoxifying the hair.

Q. If I stop using Curetage, will any of my newly grown hair fall out?

A. Absolutely not. You may have heard of this happening with other products, for instance those that contain the drug minoxidil. Our Curetage products are 100% natural and contain no drugs. We thicken your hair naturally, so if you stop using the system for any reason, you won't have any adverse reaction - you just won't see any new results.

Q. Do I have to shampoo my hair daily?

A. For maximum results, you should use the Curetage products every day. Results can still be seen if treatments are done less frequently, but it will take a little longer to see them.

Q. Do your cleansers/shampoos contain any sulfates, cocamide DEA, or cancer causing polymers as most over-the-counter shampoos do?

A. No. We use pure coconut oil, and it is not blended with other fats. If coconut oil is blended with other fats, it may cause allergic skin rashes. In place of cocamide DEA we use Hydroxyethyl Cellulose which is derived from water and plant life. We do not believe in anything if its name begins with p-o-l-y, as most of these are considered to be carcinogens.

Q. Do your products have artificial/chemical colors or fragrances added?

A. No. We do not use any FD&C colors or dangerous fragrances. Our products are all clear, and the shampoo and conditioner have a pleasant natural mint fragrance from the Curetage Compound. Some people have said that they smell like spearmint gum.

Q. Will the leave-in treatments leave my hair and scalp oily?

A. No. As a matter of fact, overproduction of sebaceous oils and high levels of testosterone contribute to hair loss. We use several medicinal plants to normalize the production of these oils and to cleanse them from the scalp. Our leave-in treatments leave no residue at all.

Q. Can I use styling products, such as sprays or gels, on top of your treatments?

A. Yes. We recommend that if you do use styling products, just apply them to your hair, but try to keep them off your scalp so your scalp can breathe.

Q. Do I have to use all five products in the system to get results?

A. We have found that if you use the complete system, you will get better and faster results. Each product is designed for a specific purpose.

Conditioner III

Q. How long does it take to use the treatments?

A. Once you have cleansed and conditioned your hair, applying the treatments takes no more time than brushing your teeth.

Q. Does the use of your products cause any harmful side effects?

A. None whatsoever! The Curetage System is 100% all natural. Some of our products contain vitamin B and methylnicotinate, both of which are natural vasodilators and increase the blood supply to the area where applied. This may cause some people to experience a slight warmth and flush to the area treated, but this only lasts a few minutes.

Q. Why do you think your products are better than other competitive products on the market?

A. Most over the counter grooming products use herbal extracts which are extracted by using a steam or pressing process which kills the enzymes. A temperature of 135° destroys enzymes. We use a cold process in our manufacturing. This preserves the enzymes to allow them to work for you.

Q. Do you use chemical preservatives in your products the way other companies do to maintain a long shelf?

A. No. The only preservative we use is standardized extract of grapefruit seed. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first company to use grapefruit seed exclusively as the preservative in a line of hair care products.

It's "The Cure" Not Just the Prevention

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